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Analysis of Common Processing Methods for Laser Cutting of Metals(one)

Issuing time:2019-07-19 21:17

Metal laser cutting is a common method of laser cutting, which includes many processing methods. Let Hunan Jianzheng Metal Materials Co., Ltd. take us to understand the content below.

1. Vaporization Cutting

Under the heating of high power density laser beam, the surface temperature of laser cutting material rises to the boiling point temperature so fast that the melting caused by heat conduction can be avoided, so some materials vaporize into vapor and disappear, and some materials are blown away by auxiliary gas as ejecta from the bottom of the slit. Some non-melting materials, such as wood, carbon materials and some plastics, are cut and formed by this vaporization cutting method.

In the process of vaporization cutting, the vapor carries away the melted particles and scour debris, forming holes. During the vaporization process, about 40% of the material is converted to vapor and 60% of the material is expelled by gas stream in the form of molten droplets. Laser cutting金屬激光切割 (1).jpg

2. Melting Cutting

When the power density of the incident laser beam exceeds a certain value, the material inside the irradiation point begins to evaporate, forming a hole. Once the hole is formed, it will act as a blackbody to absorb all the incident beam energy. The holes are surrounded by the molten metal wall, and then the molten material around the holes is taken away by an auxiliary airflow coaxial with the light beam. As the workpiece moves, the holes move synchronously and transversely in the cutting direction to form a slit. Laser beams continue to shine along the front of the gap, and the melting material is continuously or Pulsatively blown away from the gap.


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