Hunan Jianzheng Metal Materials Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Jianzheng Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.
Jianzheng metal material laser cutting (cutting plate cutting)

Hunan Company
Hunan Jianzheng Metal Materials Co., Ltd.
Can provide customers with equipment design, drawing and sample processing, business scope covers: aluminum plate, iron plate,galvanized plate, stainless steel plate wholesale and retail, laser tube cutting, laser cutting, flame cutting,numerical control punching, shear bending, metal customization, metal processing, undertaking KTV Hotel project.
No. 1499 Xinkaipu Road, Changsha Tianxin District, Hunan Province (Pitang Cutting Market)
Hangzhou Company
Hangzhou Jianzheng Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd.
Main business: stainless steel sheet of various specifications, stainless steel pipe(round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe), German TRUMPF laser cutting(embossing plate, hollow pattern, decorative board, black titanium, yellow titanium, Rose gold, 8K mirror panel, sanding board, purple steel, sand light,no fingerprint board, gemstone and other stainless steel products). Professional design and production and manufacture of stainless steel engineering(high-end entertainment venues,KTV, light-emitting stairs, rotating stairs, wine cabinets, luxury decorative doors, stainless steel railings, etc.), and provide processing business. Built-in CNC embossing, hydraulic press, slotting, shearing, bending,rolling, armrest tube, drawing, pressing ellipse and other external processing business.
Warehouse 1, No. 33, Tangkang Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province